What's Inside

the Ultimate Anticipation Birthday Countdown

Made with plant clippings from the artist's garden, each handmade puddler is totally unique. This gift includes a sand/salt mixture and instructions to mix it with water and pour into the well of the puddler to attract nearby butterflies!

Start and end your day with four aromatherapy hydrating sprays for face and body: Elevation, Restful Slumber, Solace & Serenity, and Peace & Tranquility. Each spray is handmade with 100% organic essential oils.

Coffee has never been cuter. This limited-edition creature cup holds 11 fluid ounces of your favorite beverage around an adorable fox just waiting to peek out. Made of hi-fire ceramics, this mug is dishwasher safe and microwavable.

Talk about luxe: Drop these flavored sugar cubes into your favorite champagne or prosecco for an instant bubbly treat. Includes peach, strawberry and raspberry flavors. We've also put them in our seltzer, iced tea, and lemonade with delicious results!

Delicate 24 k gold & variegated metal leaf pieces are suspended in resin and set within a gold-plated hexagon bezel in this handmade, responsibly-sourced necklace. The pendant is suspended from an 18" gold-fill chain.

It's time to ease that muscle pain, stiffness, headaches, back pain and so much more with a therapeutic heat and cold pain relief wrap/pillow made from natural cherry pits and a 100% cotton fabric. Contains no medicine, sweeteners or chemicals, and is machine washable.

Made of 100% natural coconut wax blend in a recyclable steel tin and adorned with lapis crystals, you've never met a better-smelling candle. Moon milk is a beachy, seductive blend of warm coconut milk, sun-kissed tanning oil, sacred palo santo, sandalwood, cardamom and amber resin.