Our Story

We are a gift company that believes evoking anticipation is an art form -- and we're damn good at it.

Each Clementine Countdown is an extended experience of delight and anticipation. We partner with creative, passionate artisans around North America to produce the luxury gifts in each Countdown. We form close bonds with our artisans, and spotlight their stories and products in each Countdown.

our promises

  • Family is the foundation of our business.
  • We believe anticipation is the best way to savor life’s events, both big and small.
  • We make friends, not sales. 
  • We strive to make gifting a process of connection for both the gifter and receiver.
  • We are relentless in the search for surprising and delightful gifts. 
  • We prioritize impeccable customer service.
  • We endeavor to operate with net-zero carbon emissions and sell sustainable products.  

about us

Growing up, our family didn't have money to spare, so our mother spent months before Christmas collecting small things – hair ties, floss, stick-on earrings – and individually wrapping them (yes, even the floss) in leftover wrapping paper from the year before, and put a clementine into the toe of each knit stocking.

On Christmas morning, in lieu of large gifts, we’d unwrap each object, one by one, eating candy and sticking on earrings as we went. When we’d reached the bottom, with sticky smiles and with a little pile of joy at our feet, it was time to peel the juicy clementine. 

Flash forward 30 years to 2020: Like millions of people around the world, we were not able to celebrate holidays as a family, nor attend any family events at all. There was nothing to look forward to. 

We missed the sweet feelings of anticipation and connection, and so Clementine Countdowns was born. Today, we bring you luxury, limited-edition gift experiences for all types of life events. With each new Countdown, we re-imagine ways to evoke delight and form connections between people. For even the smallest gifts can bring the greatest joy.

Family is the foundation of our business, and we welcome you to ours. 

-Kathryn & Megan