What's Inside

the 7-Day Joy & Delight Birthday Countdown

This minimalist porceain bud vase, handmade and finished with gold leaf, is the perfect size to hold two minature glass flowers that sparkle in the sun on a windowsill, shelf, or desk.

Washing your hands has never been such wiggly, wobbly fun. This 100% vegan-friendly soap has a fresh peach scent. On a hot day, leave your jelly piggy in the fridge for a few minutes before jumping in the shower for a cooling sensation!

These 4" coasters are made of diamond braid cotton rope that has been randomly wrapped in different types of patterned cotton fabric and ends with a leather tag for a modern color-blocking feel. They are handwashable, light, and work like a charm.

Cuter straws do not exist. This 8" bent straw is adorned with a hand-sculpted teal frog and comes with a cleaning brush. Each straw is cooled slowly after it is formed for added durability and is dishwasher and microwave safe.

Made of 100% natural coconut wax blend in a recyclable steel tin and adorned with lapis crystals, you've never met a better-smelling candle. Moon milk is a beachy, seductive blend of warm coconut milk, sun-kissed tanning oil, sacred palo santo, sandalwood, cardamom and amber resin.

Delicate 24 k gold & variegated metal leaf pieces are suspended in resin and set within a gold-plated hexagon bezel in this handmade, responsibly-sourced necklace. The pendant is suspended from an 18" gold-fill chain.

Start and end your day with two aromatherapy hydrating sprays for face and body: Elevation is a fresh citrus scent that keeps you awake, positive and motivated, while Restful Slumber has a floral, woody scent that promotes restful sleep.