What's Inside

the 7-Day Kid Birthday Countdown

Enjoy two containers of silky, handmade sensory dough that are totally washable, heat-sanitizable, self-lubricating and resistant to drying. This birthday kit also includes two silicone cupcake holders and lots of the fun extras for birthday cupcake-making fun!

Smell sweetness while blasting monsters away like a superhero with this no-stain spray. Lightly scented with lavender, lime, and sweet orange essential oils sourced from farmers who practice transparency and ethical standards

You won't want to put down this clever, 3D-printed fidget toy. Made of a two-tone resin, this adorable little guy squirms in your hand and folds into life-like positions.

Washing your hands has never been such wiggly, wobbly fun. This 100% vegan-friendly soap has a light green apple candy scent.

These 3D cosmic lollipops are handmade, individually wrapped, and come in an assortment of unique flavors, such as marshmallow, guava, blackberry and more. A flavor identification card is included with each pack.

You'll want to eat it, but this popsicle is meant for some serious sidewalk art. This sparkling novelty chalk is environmentally friendly and crafted in small batches.

On the last day of the Countdown, it's time for birthday wishes and positive affirmations! Chant the birthday hopes and dreams while mixing potion ingredients that will fizz, change colors, and sparkle. All ingredients are biodegradable and non-toxic.