Meet the Makers

of the Let's Celebrate Countdown

Day 1: Flower Child Ceramics

In Miami, Florida, Yemi has been working with clay for the past 20 years. After creating gifts for family and friends, she opened Flower Child Ceramics on Etsy to create items that she feels can help people lead a peaceful life with an emphasis on being mindful and present in nature.

Flower Child Ceramics

Day 2: Astrid & Aurora

Rachel Escobar is a tropical girl born and raised in the Philippines and the creative mind behind Astrid & Aurora. She formulates, designs, and creates all products after hours of research & experimentation. Astrid & Aurora products are vegan, cruelty-free, and made with high grade essential oils and botanicals.

Astrid & Aurora

Day 3: Creature Cups

Creature Cups was founded in 2010 by an avid coffee-drinking designer while working late nights in a Brooklyn, NY studio.  Today, their concepts and designs are created in a new studio in Austin, TX, where they make thought-provoking, humorous and fun new products.

Creature Cups

Day 4: Teaspressa

Allison DeVane has always loved coffee, but coffee never liked her back. So she invented a tea that you could brew like coffee. Soon, Allison had the opportunity to pitch Teaspressa- a play on tea + espresso - on Shark Tank, then opened the first Teaspressa store, bringing her coffee-inspired tea and beautiful branding to thousands of customers. 


Day 5: Helen Ethel Jewelry

Helen Ethel Jewelry features minimalist, bohemian-inspired jewelry designed and consciously crafted by Amy DiGregorio in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. The pieces are composed of responsibly-sourced semi-precious gemstones and recycled metals and are inspired by her background in art history, symbolism, and the materials themselves.

Helen Ethel Jewelry

Day 6: Cherapy

In 2009, Claudia Fassold Phillips was nearly killed by a drunk driver. When she was no longer able to work as a massage therapist, Cherapy was born. Featured in Oprah Magazine, the Cherapy Therapeutic Heat Pillow can be used to relieve aches and pain caused by everyday problems including muscle pain and stiffness, lower back pain, headache and more.


Day 7: Tiny Bandit

For Heather Beaudoin, bohemian isn't a trend, it’s her way of life. Today, her company Tiny Bandit produces high-grade clean burning candles that are small-batch poured using a 100% natural non-GMO coconut wax blend and lead free braided cotton wicks with essential and perfume oil blends.

Tiny Bandit

Day 7 Surprise: Enlighten the Occasion

Enlighten the Occasion is a matchstick and gift accessory company based in Mill Creek, Washington. Owner Summer specializes in fancy color tip matches in the hopes of bringing a smile to customers and joy to every occasion.

Enlighten the Occasion