Meet the Makers

of the 13-Day Halloween Countdown

Day 13: Clementine Countdowns

When we needed a perfect plague doctor sign for our inagural Halloween Countdown, we decided to make it ourselves. Kathryn designed the art, and Megan cut and etched the sign on a Glowforge laser cutter.

Day 12: Phoneix Revolution Press

Beck Waehner loves locally sourced, handcrafted goods, herbs and food in her personal life, and felt a strong pull to bring more of that to the broader community. All her bottle openers are designed and printed in her Raleigh, NC print shop.

Phoenix Rev Press

Day 11: Mad River

Based in Rupert, Idaho, this woman-owned gift company can customize just about anything. They specialize in small-bath, eco-friendly wares.

Mad River

Day 10: Spark Confectionary

Inspired by the owners’ South American and European roots, Spark luxury sweets are made with the purest ingredients in the company's Mississippi-based kitchen. They pride themselves on small-batch confectionary items that bring a moment of happiness to your day.

Spark Confectionary

Day 9: Lively Ghosts

Lively Ghosts intertwines victorian era aesthetics with the spooky and macabre. The brand carries a vast collection of enamel pins, apparel, home goods, teas/elixirs, & other trinkets reflecting the dark & grim.

Lively Ghosts

Day 8: HEPP'S Salt Co.

Formed in 2011, HEPP'S Salt Co. of Hopkins, Minnesota, aims to bring gourmet cooking experiences into everyone's homes. Owner Brian Hepp has had a lifelong passion for cooking. After years of making his own blends, he discovered the unique nature of sea salt, and now sells salts of many global flavors.

Hepp's Salt Co.

Day 7: Random Parts and Pieces

Erica Bridger, owner of Random Parts and PIeces, is a star seller on Etsy. Working in Colorado Springs, CO, she makes and sells jars full of the lotions and soaps, made with the finest Halloween ingredients: spite, pettiness, bitterness, as well as other random stuff.

Random Parts & PIeces

Day 6: Curlee Birdees

Owner Casey Jones makes a variety of handmade prayer beads, jewelry and accessories from her shop in Blackfoot, Idaho.

Curlee Birdees

Day 5: Guardian Bell

The original Guardian Bell company, based in Marlborough, CT, makes over 300 different pewter good luck bells. It is considered good karma to have a bell on your door, which acts as a beacon for welcome news and prevents bad energy from entering.

Guardian Bell

Day 4: Little Apple Treats

Joanne and Dan are candy makers, granola bakers, and apple farmers in Sebastopol, California, who specalize in handcrafted products that support small-scale agriculture.

Little Apple Treats

Day 3: The 3 Sisters Design Co.

Based in Bradenton, Florida, this trio of sisters (yes, there really are 3 sisters) is reinventing vintage ephemera into stationary, accessories, and home decor.

The 3 sisters design Co.

Day 2: Motel Gift Shop

You never know what wonderful finds are coming out of Madam Clara's parlor of tarot and curiosities, based in Hazlet, NJ.

Motel Gift Shop

Day 1: Mary Kate Mass Art

The Florida-based artist Mary Mass is always open to new ideas and challenges in stained glass suncatchers and custom art.

Mary Kate Mass Art

Bonus: House of Blackwell

Deven Blackwell is a corn husk artist who serves up unique home decor, accessories, and antiques from Temecula, California.

House of Blackwell