Meet the Makers

of the 7-Day Kid Birthday Countdown

Day 1: Earth Grown KidDoughs

Like many moms, Cali Talbot dealt with her fair share of frustrations with modeling compounds and slimes. So in 2013, she set out to make a softer, more natural playdough alternative. Today, Earth Grown KidDoughs makes handmade sensory doughs that are all-natural, long lasting and silky soft. The doughs are washable, heat sanitizable, self lubricating and very resistant to drying.

Earth Grown Kiddoughs

Day 2: Warm Human

Lisa is the passion behind the aromatherapy brand Warm Human, which produces essential oil solids, mindfulness sprays, and other products designed to inspire people to walk through the world with more strength and kindness. Each oil is carefully sourced from farmers who practice transparency and ethical standards.

Warm Human

Day 3: TGAW 3D

Since starting 3D printing in 2014, Vicky Somma’s 3D printed ornaments have hung in the White House and Virginia’s Executive Mansion. From Occoquan, Virginia, Vicky sells her work on Etsy, teaches 3D printing classes, and shares lessons she’s learned on YouTube. The slug in the Birthday Countdown was designed by Isaiah Steckling. He was inspired by “a ridiculously convoluted inside joke.”


Day 4: Frolic Creations

During the COVID-19 pandemic, hygiene became so much more important. From Orlando, Florida, Lien started Frolic Creations to use art and soap to bring a smile to our lives, with bath products that nurture our skin and inner child at the same time.

Frolic Creations

Day 5: I Want Candy!

I Want Candy! owes its success to three women with a knack for creating one of a kind, small-batch, artisanal lollipops: Kris Magana, Carla Rodriguez, and Martha Deetjen. All their lollipops are designed, made, and shipped out of their commercial kitchen in Clarendon Hills, Illinois. Everything but the stick is 100% edible, and they utilize only the best ingredients for irresistible flavors.

I Want Candy!

Day 5 Surprise: Thousand Skies

Thousand Skies, a small creator studio based in San Jose, California, opened in 2013 selling handmade dog pillows. Today, Elda The, artist and founder of the shop, celebrates cuteness through a variety of products including stickers, pins, plushies and more. The shop revels in the quirky stuff that animals do!

Thousand Skies

Day 6: Hopscotch

Ashley and Lindsey created Hopscotch sidewalk chalk out of a desire to fill their family’s outdoor days with more joy and creativity. The novelty of their chalk shapes and sparkles brings a bright twist to this classic childhood staple. Designed and crafted in small batches in the USA, Hopscotch boutique sidewalk chalk is easy to clean up and environmentally friendly.


Day 7: Little Hands and Nature

Little Hands and Nature creates magical potion kits for a sensory play experience that includes positive affirmations and spells. Led by founders Krystelle and Nayeli, the company hopes to empower children to believe in themselves, connect with their emotions, and have fun while using non toxic nature-based ingredients.

Little Hands & Nature